GUCCI wristwatch jewelry global tour

Recently, Gucci wristwatch jewelry gladly announced its “contemporary spirit, style freshman” tour to Tianjin in China. From December 25, 2017 to February 28, 2018, this special exhibition opened to customers on the first floor of the Jin Yuanbao Binhai International Shopping Center.

Smoked black translucent screen, create unique atmosphere lighting, decorated with Gucci logo monochrome “herbaceous” print personalized panels, all design together to create similar “Tibetan treasure Pavilion” exhibition space. The latest Gucci Wrist Watch Jewelry list and jewelry series will be displayed at the exhibition. The G-Timeless series of Slim watches Xintian two extremely suitable for female size: 29 mm and 36 mm. Pearl luster, bees, and other stars, simple heart-shaped stainless steel mesh bracelet, perfect design, make this watch has become the focus of female fashion watch.

Gucci watches jewelry sincere new style exquisite selection of Pierre, inspiration to the unique aesthetic philosophy and the design concept of Yao Zhan take on an altogether new aspect of gold ingots Binhai International Shopping center.

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