Gucci became the most popular luxury brand

Over the past year, Gucci has continued to compete with the instability of luxury industry, and even pulled Herma down. In the past 2017, Gucci became the most popular luxury brand again.

Correspondingly, Gucci has made a startling growth rate. According to the fashion headline data, Gucci sales increased by 49.4% in the third quarter last year, reaching 1 billion 550 million euros. In the first half of last year, sales rose to 43.4%, up to 2 billion 832 million euros, and there was no suspense to enter the 5 billion euro club for the first time.

In addition to the digital marketing strategy and the positive input, aesthetic system of creative director Alessandro Michele established a source of power to promote the revival of the Gucci, and this kind of aesthetic system is still consumers phenomenon, reflects the contemporary society with the development of science and technology, people’s anxiety and backtracking of romanticism.

Some analysts said, Gucci grasp the fashion industry is not only a fleeting fad, more is at the pulse of the times.

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