Gucci is going to run restaurant

It is reported that the establishment of Gucci Garden aims to further explore the core brand, fully inclusive and equitable creative spirit. For the reason that the renovated museum is named Gucci Garden, Alesssandro Michele explains that the name expresses its Creative Aesthetics in nature.

Gucci Garden is divided into three parts, including the boutique Gucci Store, the exhibition space named Gucci Garden Galleria, and the restaurant Gucci Osteria. On the first floor, boutiques and restaurants are free to open areas, and Gucci Garden Galleria needs tickets to enter, with a ticket price of 8 euros and a student ticket of 6 euros.

However, Gucci indicates that 50% of the ticket revenue will be used to subsidize the monument restoration projects in Florence. Children aged 65 and over, children under 12 years old, Gucci and Kai Yun group can visit it free.

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