Gucci has been reported to make tax avoidance for CEO and employees by an offshore company

The report shows that since 2010, Off Shore Company and Swiss tax residences can save Marco Bizzarri from taxes of about 15 million euros, while Kai Yun group can deduct about 45 million euro tax.

According to this allegation, Kai Yun group has said that a management policy has been implemented to ensure that all employees can comply with tax laws and regulations. As a citizen of Italy, the behavior of Marco Bizzarri is fully in line with Italy’s tax liability.

Mediapart points out that the net salary of the latter’s net salary is 8 million euros, based on an email from Jean-Fran? OIS Palus, general manager of Open Cloud in 2014 to Marco Bizzarri. The website also pointed out that open cloud paid only part of the salary in Italy in 2015.

Marco Bizzarri joined Open Cloud in 2005 as the president and CEO of the British designer brand Stella McCartney. The 2015 takeover of Gucci, the appointment of Alessandro Michele as creative director of the brand, the brand is committed to common transformation, help Gucci get back group “shake Qian Shu” status until September 30, 2017 third quarter, Gucci sales rose 42.8% to 1 billion 553 million euros. In December 2017, the Italy tax authorities raid Gucci company in the Florence headquarters and offices in Milan, Milan’s Procuratorate suspect suspected of tax evasion (shifting income to another tax system more favorable state tax). The Italy daily “La Stampa” points out a suspected amount or up to 1 billion 300 million euros.