GUCCI wristwatch jewelry global tour

Recently, Gucci wristwatch jewelry gladly announced its “contemporary spirit, style freshman” tour to Tianjin in China. From December 25, 2017 to February 28, 2018, this special exhibition opened to customers on the first floor of the Jin Yuanbao Binhai International Shopping Center.

Smoked black translucent screen, create unique atmosphere lighting, decorated with Gucci logo monochrome “herbaceous” print personalized panels, all design together to create similar “Tibetan treasure Pavilion” exhibition space. The latest Gucci Wrist Watch Jewelry list and jewelry series will be displayed at the exhibition. The G-Timeless series of Slim watches Xintian two extremely suitable for female size: 29 mm and 36 mm. Pearl luster, bees, and other stars, simple heart-shaped stainless steel mesh bracelet, perfect design, make this watch has become the focus of female fashion watch.

Gucci watches jewelry sincere new style exquisite selection of Pierre, inspiration to the unique aesthetic philosophy and the design concept of Yao Zhan take on an altogether new aspect of gold ingots Binhai International Shopping center.

Gucci enjoys a high reputation in Taiwan

Last year the total growth of two A4 shinguang digits, except with Taiwan’s first performance and the growth performance of Chanel, the highest Gucci this year, in addition to the introduction of Lafayette, currently crashing into the cabinet is owned by LVMH Dior, L.K.Bennet London, and A4 a very appropriate LadyM dessert shop will also be stationed in. Gucci is ready to expand to 1-2 floors, like Dior and Chanel, the 1-2 – floor big store, and 101 of Taipei’s Gucci store will expand the 1-2 – building store.

According to the boutique industry, Gucci has nearly two years of operation techniques and tide cards, and has contemporary, street and cultural level. It is also welcomed by millennial generation and willing to pay large sums of money. Also because the tide is getting more and more high-profile, including the blink shoe founder Chiara is also ready to cooperate with Tod’s. Accordingly, almost all department stores are active in the market to move closer to the tide, from cheap fast fashion and trendsetter cooperation joint models, to Adidas, Puma, NB sports brand, as long as the money is for the exclusive cooperation a trendsetter.

For the fashion industry known as a Supreme off-White has come to Taiwan in Mandarin Oriental Hotel opened flagship store, Richard and Mille belong to the Singapore business group, go shopping mall route, the industry said, Taiwan boutique guest layer also gradually shifted to Pyramid, let the tide brand is the top closer, more is another fresh air start fashion.

Gucci became the most popular luxury brand

Over the past year, Gucci has continued to compete with the instability of luxury industry, and even pulled Herma down. In the past 2017, Gucci became the most popular luxury brand again.

Correspondingly, Gucci has made a startling growth rate. According to the fashion headline data, Gucci sales increased by 49.4% in the third quarter last year, reaching 1 billion 550 million euros. In the first half of last year, sales rose to 43.4%, up to 2 billion 832 million euros, and there was no suspense to enter the 5 billion euro club for the first time.

In addition to the digital marketing strategy and the positive input, aesthetic system of creative director Alessandro Michele established a source of power to promote the revival of the Gucci, and this kind of aesthetic system is still consumers phenomenon, reflects the contemporary society with the development of science and technology, people’s anxiety and backtracking of romanticism.

Some analysts said, Gucci grasp the fashion industry is not only a fleeting fad, more is at the pulse of the times.

Gucci is going to run restaurant

It is reported that the establishment of Gucci Garden aims to further explore the core brand, fully inclusive and equitable creative spirit. For the reason that the renovated museum is named Gucci Garden, Alesssandro Michele explains that the name expresses its Creative Aesthetics in nature.

Gucci Garden is divided into three parts, including the boutique Gucci Store, the exhibition space named Gucci Garden Galleria, and the restaurant Gucci Osteria. On the first floor, boutiques and restaurants are free to open areas, and Gucci Garden Galleria needs tickets to enter, with a ticket price of 8 euros and a student ticket of 6 euros.

However, Gucci indicates that 50% of the ticket revenue will be used to subsidize the monument restoration projects in Florence. Children aged 65 and over, children under 12 years old, Gucci and Kai Yun group can visit it free.

GUCCI 2018 spring and summer new surprises

“Oil painting” is the latest creation of GUCCI in this season. The art of painting in the intricate narrative inspired GUCCI combined with Spanish artist and illustrator Ignasi Monreal launched this season advertising works: picture fusion true to life three of the earth’s elements, sea, land and sky, from the mermaid to the animal world, through the creation of digital exquisite realistic, vividly depicts the legendary surreal fantasy Gucci show, utopian fantasy charming.

Italy luxury brand GUCCI (Gucci) released 2018 spring summer series advertising blockbuster. Its brand was co worked with Spanish artist and illustrator Ignasi Monreal, and constructed a new cosmic myth, presenting in illustration form. The theme of this blockbuster is “Utopian Fantasy Utopia illusion”. The brand’s spring summer series clothing accessories perfectly blend in the utopian world. The GUCCI variant aesthetics is shining in the Monreal surrealism world.

“Oil painting” is the latest creation of GUCCI in this season. The art of painting in the intricate narrative inspired GUCCI combined with Spanish artist and illustrator Ignasi Monreal launched this season advertising works: picture fusion true to life three of the earth’s elements, sea, land and sky, from the mermaid to the animal world, through the creation of digital exquisite realistic, vividly depicts the legendary surreal fantasy Gucci show, utopian fantasy charming.

Gucci will buy prada

Prada group launched its initial public offering in HK Stock Exchange in June 2011. MiucciaPrada and her husband PatrizioBertelli and their family are the main shareholders of the group. The group includes Prada, MiuMiu and Church brands.

Is undergoing a restructuring phase of the Prada year-end financial report has not been announced, but in September 2017, the chief executive of PatrizioBertelli group pointed out that the first half of 2017 the decline in profitability is because Prada is going through the digital transformation, and that the long-term growth of optimism. He further said, “we believe that transformation and upgrading is the best way to restore steady growth in income and profit margins, though it may take longer than expected. The current cash flow and assets and liabilities of the group remain stable, which enables us to create value for the shareholders in the long run. ”

Although the Prada group in the Asia Pacific region including the signs Chinese, new clothing and leather products also recorded growth, but as of the first half of July 31st, the group net profit fell 18.2% to 116 million euros, income decreased by 5.5% to 1 billion 460 million euros.

Gucci ranked the first in luxury brands

During the year of 2017, the monthly flow of Gucci official network continued to increase, and the number of visits in December was 4 million 700 thousand times higher than in the same period in 2016, only 1 million 900 thousand times. In most months of 2016, the number of visits was at least 1 million less than that of the same period in 2017. At the same time, the rate of Gucci site pop-up, that is, the ratio of visitors to a single page, has also improved, down from 41.4% in 2016 to 34.1% in 2017.

Such a change is mainly due to the growth of organic search. That is, after search engines enter keywords, they jump to the website, which accounts for 41.6% of total Gucci traffic and 25.5% of direct search. External links and opinion leader networks are also closely related to the growth of Gucci’s Web site access – last year, Gucci 10% came from external links. Of these, Reward Style is the most important source. But in December, the most important external chains were from and

Gucci was the only luxury brand on the list and was awarded the Momentum Awards award by SimilarWeb. Compared with Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, Versac, YSL and other luxury brands, Gucci’s annual online access volume increased by 12.3 percentage points, from 21.6% in January 2017 to 33.8% in December. In December 2017, Gucci was far more accessible than rival Louis Vuitton, which was visited 2 million 900 thousand times a month.

Gucci official website gets more visitors by innovative digital marketing

According to the American women’s wear daily news, SimilarWeb, a data company specializing in website traffic of luxury luxury retailers, revealed in its latest report that Gucci’s official website visited 4 million 700 thousand times in December last year, which is 2.5 times the amount of 1 million 900 thousand visits in December 2016. At the same time, the average page number of Gucci visitors was 7.1 pages last year, up from 3.9 pages in 2016. Thanks to Gucci’s nearly once – A – month digital creative marketing campaign, it was named the world’s most influential luxury brand last year.

As of the third quarter of last year, Gucci sales revenue soared 49.4%, recorded 1 billion 550 million euros, Hermes again more than 1 billion 337 million euros for the 7 consecutive quarter outperformed the luxury industry. Driven by the strong performance of Gucci, the total sales of the parent company’s Open Cloud group increased 23.2% to 3 billion 920 million euros compared with the same period, and the income of the group’s luxury sector increased by 32.3% over the same period last year.

Last October, Gucci left the Hermes, held at the London College of fashion Open Cloud sustainable development seminar, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri announced that Gucci joined the international fur and zero alliance, a commitment from the 2018 spring and summer series began to no longer use animal fur. After the news came out, it was affirmed by a large number of consumers that they would buy Gucci products.

Last December, Gucci released a brand new brand of Ace fluffy shoes. It also launched four Logo products as printed designs, including waist bags, drawstring knapsack and two sizes zipper bags. There are three colors of black and Rhizoma Bletillae pink. After the announcement, it was once a hot topic in the industry. The analysis points out that Gucci’s Ace fluffy shoes may be the last leather sheet of the brand.

Gucci has been reported to make tax avoidance for CEO and employees by an offshore company

The report shows that since 2010, Off Shore Company and Swiss tax residences can save Marco Bizzarri from taxes of about 15 million euros, while Kai Yun group can deduct about 45 million euro tax.

According to this allegation, Kai Yun group has said that a management policy has been implemented to ensure that all employees can comply with tax laws and regulations. As a citizen of Italy, the behavior of Marco Bizzarri is fully in line with Italy’s tax liability.

Mediapart points out that the net salary of the latter’s net salary is 8 million euros, based on an email from Jean-Fran? OIS Palus, general manager of Open Cloud in 2014 to Marco Bizzarri. The website also pointed out that open cloud paid only part of the salary in Italy in 2015.

Marco Bizzarri joined Open Cloud in 2005 as the president and CEO of the British designer brand Stella McCartney. The 2015 takeover of Gucci, the appointment of Alessandro Michele as creative director of the brand, the brand is committed to common transformation, help Gucci get back group “shake Qian Shu” status until September 30, 2017 third quarter, Gucci sales rose 42.8% to 1 billion 553 million euros. In December 2017, the Italy tax authorities raid Gucci company in the Florence headquarters and offices in Milan, Milan’s Procuratorate suspect suspected of tax evasion (shifting income to another tax system more favorable state tax). The Italy daily “La Stampa” points out a suspected amount or up to 1 billion 300 million euros.

The designers of LV and Gucci are all graduating from this University

Parsons School of design may be a little strange to Chinese children. But look at Lin’s father’s “science popularization”, you may know something about the design institute that has many influential international designers.

Parson design school (Parsons The New School for Design) was founded in 1896. It is not only the most famous design school in the United States, but also enjoys high reputation in the art field all over the world, and has gradually grown into one of the leading art and design schools in the United States.

Yes, as Allen Lin said, LV Marc Jacobs started the clothing design name, Anna Sui (Anna Sui), Mengdi Wu (Wu Mengdi), Alexander Wang (Wang Daren), Jason Wu (Wu Jigang), Yohji Yamamoto (Yamamoto Teruji), chief designer ReedKrakoff COACH, a former Gucci chief designer Tom Ford are Parsons School of design alumni.

The Bund Jun interviewed Parsons School of design manager Mr. Collins Simon found that the top design school can have such strength, perhaps thanks to its undergraduate programs include arts education elements, including art and design history, theory and criticism.

In the first year of Parsons’s course, tool use, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities were emphasized. “These are the ability to be very basic in all fields of art and design.” Simon explains.